Lumley Engineering - Specialist Engineers & Fabricators

For builders, tuners and restorers of cars, bikes, lorries and anything with wheels on, Lumley Engineering offers specialist fabrication, machining and engineering services for:

  • One off and short run fabrication
    • From pattern
    • From drawings via email or post
    • From templates
    • From basic dimensions
  • Vehicle building
    • Restorations, full or part works
    • Complete or partial kit car construction
    • Turbo installation
    • Chopper Builds
    • Trike building
    • One-off bodywork parts
    • Trailer building
    • Bodywork modifications
  • Sidecar racing specialisties
    • Complete outfits built
    • Chassis manufacture
    • Engine builds/rebuilds
    • Dry sump systems manufactured and installed
    • Exhaust systems
    • Tanks and bodywork
  • Electrical and electronics
    • Invisible wiring
    • Custom looms
    • Ignition systems and re-mapping
For more information or to talk over your project, just call us on 01278 792233 or click in the header of any page to send us an email.

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