Lumley Engineering

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Do you need something made in small quantities? Because they know they will get personal attention and design help, very often customers come to us for one-off or short-run production of fabricated or machined components. Mostly, this is for vehicle parts that they just can't get elsewhere, but many other machines have been made and modified in our workshop.

Applications as diverse as machine components for printing, film processing and stonemason's tools have been brought here for one-off fabrication welding, machining and assembly work. Because we handle such jobs from end to end, you can avoid the delays that often creep into engineering projects when the work gets passed from one department to another, or even one company to another.

Tuning & Forced Induction Systems

Much of the fabrication work is aimed at maximising tuning and forced induction systems. Getting the ultimate performance out of your motorcycle or car is one of the specialities here at Lumley Engineering. From tuning sidecar outfit engines to meet the tight regulations of British road racing, to no-holds-barred drag and sprint engines with turbochargers or superchargers, you can expect the most meticulous attention to detail to be applied to your search for power.

The key to this has to be usable power too, and with the in-house electronics expertise available, the final set up of ignition and fuel mapping helps to make the raw power from careful engine building and specialist fitting of forced-induction systems user-friendly enough for you to use to its best effect.

Rather than simply using kits, superchargers and turbochargers can be fitted to almost anything by making our own brackets, plenum chambers and exhaust systems.

For examples, take a look at this Turbo GSXR Sprinter or this Supercharged Triumph Trident Drag Bike

Your work can be made from drawings emailed to us, patterns or templates supplied, or even designed from scratch if all you have is a great idea that needs turning into metal.