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Kit cars are great fun to build and to drive. The joy of having something that little bit different is what drives many customers to take this route so that they end up with an unusual or even unique vehicle.

So far so good but not everyone has the space, the tools or the skills to make the whole project work from start to finish. That is where we come in. The devil as they say is in the detail and very often customers turn to us to make that last detailed part that holds all the others together. You may want parts of your kit mofified to take different drive train, suspension, brakes or wheels. All of this can be accommodated in our workshop.

Are all the parts as good as you would like? How about those that don't quite fit the way you want them to? In many kit car builds, components have needed modification or making from scratch to make something that little bit different, or to make the fit more elegant. For examples, try this ground up kit car build, or at the other end of the scale, these seats that were modified because the originals were too wide to fit the space available.