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Lumley Engineering - Electronics & Electrical Services in & around South Yorkshire

Few things complete a vehicle rebuild, customisation or restoration like tidy wiring. This is often hard to achieve, and can make the whole job look like an afterthought if not executed beautifully.

Over the years our experience in creating perfect wiring looms for vehichles has added a finish to be proud of. Not only are the electrics going to work perfectly, but the wiring that makes it all happen can be rendered invisible by meticulous care in building and fitting looms to customers' specifications.

With modern vehicles of all kinds relying more and more upon electronics for performance management and emission control, the art of re-mapping ignition and fuel systems has become vital in releasing performance from your engine, whether it is for the white-heat of racing or simply more satisfying use on the road, our expert attention can liberate just the kind of power that you are seeking. Let us know what you would like to get from your engine and let's get going.

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