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05/08/2015: Classic Mini

There are so many joys to owning a classic car, from the nostalgic looks to the fun, hands-on approach to driving. Due to the car's age, however, things can wear out! Our most recent project was a prime example - we had the task of repairing the gear box of a classic Mini. The gearbox came to us with damaged casing which was affecting the engine noise and vibration.

The first job on hand was to use one of our machines to cut out the damage and replace it with an accurately-sized hole. Once this had been done, we could move on to making a new gear box bush to replace the old damaged one. As this is a fairly common repair, it was easy for us to make 10 new gear box bushes once the machines were set up.

To complete the job, we slotted the gear box bush into the hole made previously. The owner was very pleased with this repair, and can now carry on driving his beautiful classic Mini with no more problems!

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