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Thank you to all the lovely people who are keeping us so busy with one-offs and custom components for their sidecar outfits. With many exciting and interesting projects under way, every day sees something new. Since launching our Hub Centric steering system last year, we have been refining details to improve this modification. Leading link front forks also continue to be an in-demand item for all sorts of bikes attached to all sorts of sidecars from sports tourers to hearses.

There's always room for one more on top though, so if you are looking for ways to give your outfit more stability, more precise steering and better handling, let us take a look. Because of the bespoke nature of the work, we can only quote for conversions on bikes that we have seen 'in the metal', so can't provide a general purpose kit. What you will get when you visit our workshop is an honest appraisal of what can be done, along with a realistic quote and timescale. Drop us a line, or call to get booked in.

For builders, tuners and restorers of cars, bikes, lorries and anything with wheels on, Lumley Engineering offers specialist fabrication, machining and engineering services for:

  • One off and short run fabrication
    • From pattern
    • From drawings via email or post
    • From templates
    • From basic dimensions
  • Vehicle building
    • Hub-centric steering systems & components for sidecar outfits
    • Restorations, full or part works
    • Kit car components & special parts
    • Turbo installation
    • Chopper Builds
    • One-off bodywork parts
    • Bodywork modifications
  • Sidecar racing specialities
    • Complete outfits built
    • Chassis manufacture
    • Dry sump systems manufactured and installed
    • Exhaust systems
    • Tanks and bodywork
For more information or to talk over your project, just call us on 07814 615275 or click in the header of any page to send us an email.

An image of Yamaha Past Masters Race Bike Fuel Tank 004 goes here.
--Request Information-- --More Images Like This--Photo from Featured Project near Colesbrook
Yamaha Past Masters Race Bike Fuel Tank 004

The Yamaha Past Masters series is designed to keep old two stroke bikes from the 1980s and 1990s racing. The bikes are all ridden as they were designed to be ridden, which does mean that on occasion things break. Even more insidious is the onset of rust in fuel tanks, which is a universal problem, clogging fuel lines with debris and even when meticulous filtration is applied, causing engine seizures as two strokes are fairly sensitive to lack of fuel, especially as it carries their vital lubricant. The rider of this bike was at his witsÕ end when we suggested a simple solution. Our answer was to cut the bottom out of the rotten old steel tank, fabricate a ten litre alloy tank to sit underneath, then simply bolt the old one on as a cover to keep the bikeÕs silhouette in keeping with the regulations and spirit of the class. Simple! With the cover in place now, nobody would ever know it wasnÕt a standard tank, and the rider is as pleased as punch as he has lovely clean fuel flowing into his carbs.
Using state of the art CNC machinery, you can call on Lumley Engineering for prototype, test run or short run production volumes of project or test parts. Once viability has been established, your production runs of components can be made just as simply. Visitors from Colesbrook are always welcome in our Somerset workshop.

For specialist markets such as motorsport and vehicle restoration, we have the facilities and expertise to make one-off and replica components. Even if you are not local, many parts can be made as one-off items or short-run production components from your drawings, patterns or templates emailed or posted to us from the Colesbrook area.