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Covid-19 Coping Statement
We must thank all our customers who have been so supportive during the Covid-19 crisis. By helping us to help them keep safe and observing best practice when accepting deliveries or making contact safely, we have been able to work in a largely normal way throughout. It is our hope that this has also helped to keep work flowing normally in all the businesses for which we make components.

Challenges are there to be met, and we are grateful to all who have made the changes necessary to carry on. The next challenge is Brexit, and while we are not here to comment one way or the other, we have been working hard to make sure that whatever may befall, our customers will be able to rely on us 100%. To check out the preparations Lumley Engineering has been making to ensure continuity, take a look at our preparations page.

As we often deal with emergency repairs, these precautions are aimed at keeping our customers working without placing anyone at unnecessary risk of infection. Thank you for your understanding and co-operation.

For builders, tuners and restorers of cars, bikes, lorries and anything with wheels on, Lumley Engineering offers specialist fabrication, machining and engineering services for:

  • One off and short run fabrication
    • From pattern
    • From drawings via email or post
    • From templates
    • From basic dimensions
  • Vehicle building
    • Hub-centric steering systems & components for sidecar outfits
    • Restorations, full or part works
    • Kit car components & special parts
    • Turbo installation
    • Chopper Builds
    • One-off bodywork parts
    • Bodywork modifications
  • Sidecar racing specialities
    • Complete outfits built
    • Chassis manufacture
    • Dry sump systems manufactured and installed
    • Exhaust systems
    • Tanks and bodywork
For more information or to talk over your project, just call us on 07814 615275 or click in the header of any page to send us an email.

An image of 2015 11 23 Ireson Outfit Before 07 goes here.
--Request Information-- --More Images Like This--Photo from Featured Project near Dibberford
2015 11 23 Ireson Outfit Before 07

The "Team Past it On" sidecar outfit was brought to us in a fairly sorry state after their crash at Pembrey. This bike was built in 2000 and we have known it all through its racing history. It has always been a privilege to work on one of Trevor Iresons masterpieces. Once the chassis had been repaired, we were able to make a new floor pan working from Trevor Ireson's original mould. The before and after photo sequence shows the damage to the main box section 'spine' of the outfit as well as massive damage to the tubular framework of the sidecar floor. Because the outfit was so well known to us, we were able to get the chassis back to its original glory and we are looking forward to seeing "Team Past it On" out there campaigning this lovely piece of engineering for many years to come.
Using state of the art CNC machinery, you can call on Lumley Engineering for prototype, test run or short run production volumes of project or test parts. Once viability has been established, your production runs of components can be made just as simply. Visitors from Dibberford are always welcome in our Somerset workshop.

For specialist markets such as motorsport and vehicle restoration, we have the facilities and expertise to make one-off and replica components. Even if you are not local, many parts can be made as one-off items or short-run production components from your drawings, patterns or templates emailed or posted to us from the Dibberford area.

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