Lumley Engineering - Bespoke Leading Link Front Forks

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If you're serious about sidecar outfits, the only way forward at the front is leading link forks. For more accurate steering with less effort and more predictable suspension behaviour under braking, the leading link fork outperforms telescopic forks every time for sidecar or trike use.

Better still, if the forks are custom made for your bike and sidecar, taking into account their weight, your weight, how often you carry passengers and your likely luggage load, you can be fairly sure that your outfit will handle like a dream in comparison.

Every set of forks that comes out of the Lumley Engineering workshop is tailored to the customer, their bike and the way they use it. This ground-up build philosophy also gives you the chance to choose your perfect combination of wheels tyres and brakes, once the constraints of original telescopic forks has been removed.

You can also be very happy if you have a need for speed. Take a look at the project page for Dave Langley's sprint Yamaha Fazer outfit, complete with our own custom lightweight sidecar and leading link forks.

The best news is that this kind of bespoke work needn't cost a fortune either. Pop down to the workshop for a consultation and measurement visit and we will be happy to quote you for creating the perfect front end for your outfit or trike.

See Our Leading Link Forks on Dave Langley's Sprint Fazer, a Bonneville Hearse and a Beautiful Harley Outfit