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Lumley Engineering - Dave Langley's Sprint Yamaha Fazer Outfit

Dave Langley loves bikes, speed and sprint racing. He is not the sort of character to let being a long term wheelchair user stand in his way. The idea is simple; bolt a vestigial sidecar to the side of his Yamaha Fazer, so that he can roll his chair into position then switch to the bike seat to take part in sprints and drag races.

As this was an experiment, nothing could be welded to the bike in case it needed to be brought back to standard quickly. One big change was to fit our bespoke leading link forks to the bike to give Dave better straight line stability and more control. We included a variable mount for the bottom of the spring units to give a degree of adjustment and away he went. The result: he loved the way the outfit handled. His next project is to add nitrous oxide injection for next season.

Image: 436 - Leading link forks being fitted to the Fazer

Image: 437 - Right hand side of leading link forhs showing direct loading of the Hagon shocks

Image: 438 - The side rails for the chair are laid in place

Image: 439 - Brackets are designed to be strong yet light, it is a racer after all.

Image: 440 - The sidecar floor support take shape

Image: 441 - Support for the bodywork must be close fitting for aerodynamics

Image: 442 - A wooden mock-up gives us the shape for the floor pan

Image: 443 - Lightweight bodywork for the sidecar is fitted.

Image: 444 - The finished floor, made of checkerplate fits nicely

Image: 445 - The Yamaha Fazer Outfit is all ready to go on this side too.

Image: 446 - Just waiting for a rider to give it some herbs

Image: 447 - Dave on board his new leading link forked Fazer, ready to give it a blast.

Image: 448 - On the start line. The proof of the pudding is about to be in the eating.
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