Lumley Engineering - Sidecar Outfit Built for Iron Hearse

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When this customer from Iron Hearse came to us asking for a sidecar hearse to be built, he had a very clear picture of what he wanted. His aim was to capture the spirit of open topped hearses, popular in America and Australia.

He felt that the currently available sidecars for this purpose were unsightly huge plastic boxes that really could contain anything. That was not for him, he wanted to offer his clients something really personal and special where you could see the coffin on its final ride and offer respect.

In other words, they wanted a bike based hearse that still looked like a bike, so provided us with a new Triumph Bonneville as a base to work with.

Where possible, Triumph components were retained to simplify servicing in the future, so all the lights and electrics were kept very near standard, the sidecar wheel and brake also come from Triumph and the running gear is untouched.

It has to handle well too

To make sure that the outfit handled and steered well, despite the extra loading on the sidecar, Shock Factory purpose made suspension units were used to uprate the rear and make sure that the sidecar was ready for any load.

At the front, our own leading link forks are fitted, and incorporate Shock Factory units, finished off with a traditional mudguard to match the style of the Bonnie.