Lumley Engineering - Hub Centric Steering & Front Suspension for Sidecar Outfits for Farmington

When considering the suspension system of a modern sidecar outfit, there are so many more factors to throw into the equation than back in the day when you simply bolted a chair on the side and toddled off into the sunset.

Every time of change is a time of opportunity though and with the modern motorcycle having so much more power and incredible brakes, generating forces on the tyres that are immense, the time is right for something considerably better at coping with the lateral loading and great braking forces found today.

After a long period of development, the Lumley Engineering Hub-Centric Steering System is now a commercial reality. The front hub is supported by broadly based, laterally mounted curved wishbones to give cornering clearance. The vertical movement is controlled by suspension units from the Shock Factory, each one individually built for the task in terms of machine weight, intended passenger/luggage loads and the style of riding. Mike Capon at the Shock Factory has been a great help in the development of the system and the quality of the product from them is second to none.

The layout allows the use of a wide car type wheel at the front, with the business end of the system neatly hidden in its recess. The layout and consisten geometry achieved by the system keeps the maximum contact area of the front tyre under even the heaviest cornering and braking loads, keeping a consistent wheelbase throughout the front suspension travel.

To convert your outfit to Hub-Centric steering you have a number of choices. Either you can drop the outfit off and ask us to build it for you, or you can buy just the parts you need, even right down to just the cnc machined hub carrier, then do the fabrication yourself. It's your outfit, do it your way.

To get more information about Hub-Centric steering, just give us a call or click in the header of any page to send us an email.
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